Milk Bag Project

2019 May, 15 |

Milk bags, an essential part of daily household waste in most families, choke our city waterways, drains and nullahs. With their easy penetrability into waterways, they cause extreme damage to marine life. With an endeavour to stop these bags from reaching our water bodies, Garbage Free India started the ‘Milk Bag Project’ in Mumbai along with Hansu Pardiwala Clean Mumbai Foundation, in the month of May.

In this program, we create awareness about the menace caused by plastic milk bags and guide people to properly cut, rinse and store these bags before we send them to recyclers. Currently, we are collecting milk bags from 12 societies and 14 commercial entities in the South Mumbai circle. So far, we have collected 381.47 kgs of milk bags with a weekly collection of around 15 kgs.

Here is a quick video for you to see how to cut milk bags effectively to prevent small piece from entering our waterways. If in Mumbai, get in touch with us for bulk collections or you can also send them to a raddi collector near you. Click here to see How to cut ‘Milk Bags’