“Zero Waste” Community Intervention- Sadiq Nagar, Delhi

2017 Oct, 25 |

Simultaneously, a pilot project was launched in Sadiq Nagar, a residential community of low to middle income central government employees. GFI partnered with the local Municipal Counselor to introduce residents to the practice of segregating household waste.

Sadiq Nagar is a large colony of central government employees in South Delhi with 1700 households. The source segregation project was kicked off by distributing 2 color coded bins to each household and educating them on how to separate waste into wet and dry before disposal . The project culminated with an ‘inter-jeena’ competition in August 2018 where green champions were recognized and rewarded for successful adoption of segregation, and for keeping their vicinities clean and litter free. At the end of the project period, Sector 3 was able to achieve a 63% incidence of segregation.